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Disciples Palestine Israel Network (DPIN) is a resource and advocacy network for members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the pursuit of freedom, justice and equality.

Disciples PIN

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Rawan Anani 2018_.jpg

Advent in the Year 2018

A Reflection by Rev. Loren McGrail

The people of Bethlehem today, including the oldest Christian community in the world, behold the tragic irony that the holy family itself would not be able to enter the city without proper permits and identification. The hopes and fears of all the years are still met and unmet in Bethlehem this season.

The Threat of Marys Promise.png

Threat of Mary's Promise

A Poem by Rev. Loren McGrail

A response to last year's vandalism of Beit Gemal monastery in Jerusalem. The same monastery has been vandalized again, in addition to many other Christian sites in Israel and Palestine. 

"Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee

even lying shattered on the floor

your beautiful face still shines

your curled fingers still reaches out..."

Come Forth and Live image.jpg

Come Forth and Live 

A Sermon by Rev. Loren McGrail

This sermon was developed after Loren returned from serving 5 years in Jerusalem as a Global Ministries mission co-worker. Where are we in the story of Lazarus? What is our work as peacemakers? How can we all rise together?

Hope is Staying Woke Advent Sermon 2018.

Hope is Staying Woke

A Sermon by Rev. Loren McGrail

We light a candle of hope and ask: What is our awakening? And for what do we need to stay awoke? We cultivate or keep hope alive by staying awake to love's shattering and unexpected entrance into our lives, and by staying woke to injustices wherever and whenever they crisscross our lives.

Wise Women Dolls.jpg

Wise Women Dolls

A Worship and Advocacy Resource

It's time to celebrate the inclusion of the wise women who must also have come to witness to the light, the birth of the Prince of Peace.

These three dolls are handcrafted of olive wood. Each comes with a small booklet describing their presence during the Epiphany and an original poem. 

wise women.jpg

Give Back the Song: Choose Another Way Home 

A Sermon by Rev. Loren McGrail

Epiphany Sunday 2019. We sing back the song the angels have sung by refusing to co-operate with imperial authorities wherever they are and whenever they demand us to bow to them instead of our God.  

Breaking Down the Wall Replica.jpg

Breaking Down the Wall 

A Worship & Advocacy Resource

A five-piece olive wood replica of the Annexation Wall to be used in multiple ways. Simply knock down a piece of the Wall until Jesus is born without barriers. Let us all join in breaking down the dividing walls. Meditations are included.

Reign of Christ Sunday image.jpg

Reign of Christ Sunday 

A Sermon by Rev. Loren McGrail

How do we talk about the reign of Chris in the current post-truth era? God invites us into this season of upheaval to face our own Pilates and their seductive kingdoms of power and domination. Listen and you will find the way to the manger where love risks to be born again and again.    

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