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Seek #JusticeAndPeace in the Holy Land


Half a century has passed since the six-day war when Israel occupied East Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights. Despite stalled peace processes and the sufferings entailed by the occupation, people still hope for a better future. Meet 12 people with different backgrounds sharing their hopes for justice and peace in the Holy Land. Help promote #JusticeAndPeace by sharing their stories.

Palestine Portal


Palestine Portal is a meeting place and resource for the churches at local, regional, national and global levels committed to the justice movement for Israel/Palestine. As part of an emerging global movement, the church in the United States has taken a leading role in working for the liberation of Palestinians and Israelis from the evil of apartheid in our time.  Laity and clergy, young and old, church members from diverse backgrounds and walks of life, together with Jewish, Muslim and secular partners, have achieved great momentum in promoting education, awareness, and direct action for a just peace in the Holy Land.



Are you invested in severe violations of human rights? Are you in business with a company complicit in violations of international law or war crimes? What is your exposure to the growing risks that arise as a result of controversial business activity in the occupied Palestinian territory or in mass incarceration in the U.S.?

The “Investigate" investment screening tool scans any list of holdings for corporations complicit in any of the following:

  • Our Prisons screen: supply of privatized services to the prison industry

  • Our Occupation screen: violations of human rights and international humanitarian law as part of the Israeli occupation of the occupied Palestinian territory.

  • Our Military screen: supply of major weaponry consistently used in war crimes in Israel/ Palestine

Disciples General Assembly Resolutions and Actions

Related to the Middle East

2017 General Assembly: A Call for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to Advocate for the Rights of Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation

2015 General Assembly: Commemorating 100 Years Since the Armenian Genocide

2015 General Assembly: Support for the Agreement with Iran to Halt Nuclear Weapons Development


2013 General Assembly: Encouraging a Fuller Experience of Israel-Palestine


2012 Religious Leaders Letter to Congress

2011 General Assembly: Addressing Anti-Muslim Action in the United States and Canada

2010 A Pastoral Response to the Palestine Kairos Document: “A Moment of Truth”

2007 General Assembly: The Church's Response to the War in Iraq


2007 National Council of Churches Reaffirmation of Commitments to Peace in the Middle East in Light of the 1980 Middle East Policy Statement

2005 General Assembly: Breaking Down the Dividing Wall


2005 General Assembly: Suicide Bombing and Our Commitment to Peacemaking


2003 General Assembly: On U.S. Policy in the Middle East


1997 General Assembly: Jerusalem: City of Life


1993 General Assembly: Urging Reopening East Jerusalem


1983 General Assembly: Concerning the Middle East Arms Race

1981 General Assembly: Concerning the a Policy Statement on the Middle East

1980 National Council of Churches Middle East Policy Statement

1973 General Assembly: Concerning the United Nations' Peacekeeping Role in the Middle East

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